Month: July 2018

Ep 11 – Vacation = Lots of Movies


When Dhani and John go on vacation, apparently it means that Dhani spends even MORE time watching TV and movies.  First, Dhani generously took John to see Mission Impossible: Fallout for his birthday.  Good thing he loved it!  Then Dhani was able to see Ant-Man and the Wasp, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, Breaking In, and Tully.  Dhani also talks about some streaming specials and TV shows that she has started watching too.

Another topic they talk about is the length of trailers before movies these days.  Does anyone else think it’s too much?

Mission Impossible: Fallout (3:00) – John ★★★★★   Dhani ★★★★

Ant-Man & the Wasp –  (24:55)  ★★★1/2

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again – (35:15)  ★★★★1/2

Breaking In – (42:45)  ★★★1/2

Tully – (48:20)  ★★★

Iliza Schlesinger : Elder Milennial – (55:45)  ★★★★

Ballet NOW – (57:55)  ★★★★

Castle Rock – (1:00:45)


Ep 10 – Stalker With A Heart of Gold


This week Dhani rants about a new movie on Netflix called How IT Ends.  Listen to her frustration about the name of the movie never explaining how it actually ends!  Then Dhani tried to explain to John about The Handmaid’s Tale and why it is the best show, with the best cast, with the best characters… even if it is a cautionary tale for our current times.

Then John joins the conversation in discussing our favorite movie lines that we quote the most often.  And finally, they discuss their favorite Sandra Bullock movies and why.  John chose Speed, always a good choice.  While Dhani chose Hope Floats and While You Were Sleeping.


Ep 9 – We Hope 1 Million People Are Hating You


This week Dhani and John talk about the movie I Feel Pretty.  Then Dhani explains how her feelings for some characters changed after re-watching Downton Abbey.  And finally, Dhani gives her thoughts on the 2018 Emmy nominations.  She gives examples of who she wishes had been included, and then goes through the major categories and gives her choices for winner.




  • 2:30   I Feel Pretty – Dhani ★★★★   John ★★★1/2
  • 19:15  Downton Abbey
  • 32:30  2018 Emmy Nominations



Ep 8 – Not My Cup Of Tea

Ep 8

This week Dhani welcomes very special guests! She speaks with her cousin Courtney, and Courtney’s husband Brian.

All of us watch a lot of everything so we always have great conversations about what we are watching.  We start off with getting Courtney and Brian’s fav movies and tv shows.  Then Brian breaks down Legion and Westworld in an effort to convince Dhani to watch both.

They saw Fallen Kingdom, so that is talked about a bit.  Then we were able to discuss what their kids are watching or what is good for family viewing.

And finally, you will hear us just ramble about different things at the end as they usually do.  But as always, there are movie quotes thrown in for fun!  See if you catch them all!

Ep 7 – The Sweetest Alien Movie You’ll Ever See

Ep 7

On this week’s show Dhani and John talk about things they have actually watched together. They spend a lot of time praising A Quiet Place, so be ready to hear lots of details about this movie. Then they talk about bingeing GLOW and how great it is.

Finally, Dhani talks about the shows she is watching which include, Queer Eye, The Affair, and Humans.

A Quiet Place ★★★★★

GLOW ★★★★★