Ep 12 – You’ve Ruined Movies For Me Forever!


What a week after returning to normal life after vacation.  Dhani still managed to see The Spy Who Dumped Me.  Then she made John watch Avengers: Infinity War.  Listen to him describe his frustration with that ending!  Then Netflix takes over the conversation as Dhani talks about the movie Like Father and series Orange is the New Black.  And finally Dhani recommends The Sinner to everyone while John recommends the trailer for The Nun for some fun scares.

The Spy Who Dumped Me (6:50)  ★★★★ 1/4

Avengers: Infinity War (17:30)  Dhani ★★★★1/2      John ★★★★

Like Father (34:21) ★★★★

Orange Is The New Black (42:30)

The Sinner (56:30)

The Nun trailer (58:15)

Also, I was a guest on the podcast Let’s Talk TV with Charis!  We talked about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and NY.  Check out her show and subscribe!

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