Ep 14 – Installated isn’t a word!


This week Dhani shows off her language skills and invents a new word!  Maybe this is why she spends most of her time watching TV and movies?!?!

Listen as she explains watching The Meg and not being able to see the end as there was a fire alarm evacuation with 20 minutes left to go in the movie!!!!!  Then John joins in as he finally saw Deadpool 2.  Dhani will explain her disappoint in Book Club and happiness in watching Lily James in The Guernsey Literacy and Potato Pie Peel Society.

Next, John and Dhani have found their new TV show to watch together in Making It!  Something for the kids… Disney has a new remake of Freaky Friday… which Dhani watched because it’s a musical and she simply can’t stop herself.

We dive into the new Oscar category of popular film and found that we might not agree this new addition to the Academy.

Lastly, Dhani gives a fast rundown of the TV shows that she is currently excited about.  (The Sinner, Castle Rock, The Affair, Fear The Walking Dead)

The Meg (2:02) – can’t rate due to not seeing the end

DeadPool 2 (19:20) – Dhani ★★★★★  John ★★★★1/2

Book Club (25:43) – ★★★

The Guernsey Literacy & Potato Peel Pie Society (31:10) – ★★★1/2

Making It (37:35)

Freaky Friday (44:42)

Oscars New Category (46:37)

What I’m Excited about this week…. (59:53)


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