Month: September 2018

Ep 19 – You’re Making Me Think

9-23-2018Gearing up for the new TV season, this week we managed to pack a lot into this episode.

First, Dhani was finally able to see the end of The Meg and John saw the movie as well, so we discuss our thoughts on the movie overall.

Next we discuss the Emmys from earlier in the week and excuse our minor heated back and forth on this subject.

This week The Sinner, season 2, ended… so Dhani talks about her disappointment in this season as compared to the brilliant first season.  Some new shows have started that Dhani is in the middle of viewing, so she talks about her first impressions on the following shows:  Kidding, You, AHS: Apocalypse, The First, Maniac, and The Good Cop.

Next we get into a subject that we never have discussed on this podcast before, and this is podcasts.  Dhani recommends Dirty John and the new 3rd season of Serial.  Also, her weekly go-to podcasts of Bitch Sesh, Armchair Expert, and My Favorite Murder.

Finally, Dhani lists the new and returning shows that start this week that she will be watching:

Returning Shows:  Big Bang Theory, The Gifted, This is Us, American Housewife, Modern Family, The Good Place, Greys Anatomy, Law & Order:SVU

New Shows: Magnum PI, Manifest, FBI, New Amsterdam, A Million Little Things, Single Parents, Murphy Brown, The Cool Kids

ACTORS CORNER: Jack Black – we name his movies we love, like, hate, secretly love, and haven’t seen

The Meg (2:05) – Dhani ★★1/2   John ★★★1/2

Emmys (11:29)

The Sinner (23:59)

Kidding (26:56)

You (28:30)

AHS:Apocalypse (30:28)

The First (32:19)

The Good Cop (34:22)

Maniac (36:25)

Dirty John podcast (39:00)

Serial podcast (41:35)

New Shows this week (48:20)

Actors Corner (56:00)

Ep 18 – Living In Paul Feig’s Suit

9-16-18This week was another one for slim pickings in viewing options… but Dhani can always pull together enough to fill an hour!

First she talks about A Simple Favor and how it looked like we were living in Paul Feig’s suit.  (Explanation in the podcast.)

Next she discusses the waste of time that was Skyscraper.  Then John joins the conversation as they discuss The Female Brain which is on Hulu.

As we switch to TV, Dhani discusses the end of Castle Rock and her confusion on the ending.  The she talks about the oddly compelling Amazon show called Forever.

New shows Dhani is excited for this week:  Emmy Awards!,  I Feel Bad, Maniac

Actor’s Corner: We discuss the movies of Anna Kendrick and the ones we love, like, hate. secretly love, haven’t seen, and want to see.

A Simple Favor (1:46) ★★★ 3/4

Skyscraper (14:39) ★

The Female Brain (18:45)   Dhani ★★★1/2   John ★★★★

Castle Rock (26:00)

Forever (31:34)

New Shows (37:53)

Actor’s Corner (40:00)

Ep 17 – Are you ready now?


Not a lot was watched this week, as TV has been very slow lately…. But Dhani still managed to come up with a handful of things she wanted to talk about.

Starting with Peppermint.  You just can’t beat Jennifer Garner kicking butt and getting revenge.

Next was a Netflix teen movie called Sierra Burgess is a Loser.  It wasn’t super entertaining, but perhaps kids would like it better?

Moving on to TV, Dhani and John discuss the finale of Making It and their wish for it to return with another season very, very soon!  Then Dhani discusses a bit of disappointment in the Better Call Saul season so far.  Next, a new show called The Purge started this past week and Dhani explains that she liked the start of it and compares it to the movies.  And finally, John watched the Hannah Gadsby special Nanette and we discuss his thoughts it.

Since the new TV season is starting, Dhani ran down a list new shows starting this week that she is looking forward to, including:  You, Kidding, Rel, AHS: Apocalypse, The First, and Forever.

Actor’s Corner:  Dhani and John discuss their favorite and not-so-favorite Jennifer Garner movies.

Peppermint (2:00) ★★★★

Sierra Burgess is a Loser (14:04) ★★1/2

Making It (22:53)

Better Call Saul (25:46)

The Purge (29:56)

Nanette: Hannah Gadsby (32:59)

New Shows Starting This Week (40:32)

Actor’s Corner (46:15)

PROMO: Piecing It Together Podcast   @PiecingPod

Ep 16 – On The Seat Of My Pants

9-2-18We’re back after a week off!  During the downtime, Dhani took John to see Crazy Rich Asians so he could feel the love… and he did!  Listen as he praises this fantastic movie and adds his two cents.

Then Dhani braved Hereditary… however, there was no bravery needed as it wasn’t scary at all.  Bummer.

Moving on to TV, Dhani talks about Jack Ryan, Sharp Objects, and Queen Sugar.  Then we visit the genre of comedy specials and discuss Bert Kreischer : Secret Time and Hannah Gadsby : Nanette.

Finally, we revisit Amy Adams and discuss her movies we love, like, hate, or haven’t seen.

Also… Dhani managed to make up another word this week!  Listen to find out what it is!

Crazy Rich Asians (1:59) – Dhani ★★★★★   John ★★★★★

Hereditary (10:50)  ★

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (13:42)

Sharp Objects (19:10)

Queen Sugar (22:27)

Bert Kreischer : Secret Time (23:28)

Hannah Gadsby : Nanette (32:12)

Amy Adams (35:40)