Ep 18 – Living In Paul Feig’s Suit

9-16-18This week was another one for slim pickings in viewing options… but Dhani can always pull together enough to fill an hour!

First she talks about A Simple Favor and how it looked like we were living in Paul Feig’s suit.  (Explanation in the podcast.)

Next she discusses the waste of time that was Skyscraper.  Then John joins the conversation as they discuss The Female Brain which is on Hulu.

As we switch to TV, Dhani discusses the end of Castle Rock and her confusion on the ending.  The she talks about the oddly compelling Amazon show called Forever.

New shows Dhani is excited for this week:  Emmy Awards!,  I Feel Bad, Maniac

Actor’s Corner: We discuss the movies of Anna Kendrick and the ones we love, like, hate. secretly love, haven’t seen, and want to see.

A Simple Favor (1:46) ★★★ 3/4

Skyscraper (14:39) ★

The Female Brain (18:45)   Dhani ★★★1/2   John ★★★★

Castle Rock (26:00)

Forever (31:34)

New Shows (37:53)

Actor’s Corner (40:00)

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