Ep 34 – Want Me To Jingle A Little Bit?

1-27-19This week is mostly about movies as Dhani tries to see all of the nominated films before the Oscars.  She’s almost there!

First, she talks about Can You Ever Forgive Me? with the nominated performances from Melissa McCarthy and Richard E Grant.

Next, Dhani talks about Bumblebee.  Not a nominated film, but she keeps trying these movies in hopes she will enjoy it as much as the very first Transformers.  

With 6 nominations, Dhani finally saw BlacKkKlansman.  This is an up and down movie.  Very entertaining but also very difficult to watch.  Important for everyone to see and discuss.  Next, Dhani talks about Widows.  Great performances, but she felt like something was missing… not sure what yet.  Finally, John and Dhani talk about the Best Picture nominations for the Oscars.  Dhani is having a tough year with the award shows this season.  

Moving on to TV, Dhani and John discuss the latest season of Grace & Frankie.  For some reason, they both did not enjoy this season but cannot pinpoint what fell short.  

Finally, in the Actors’ Corner, we celebrate Alan Alda, who is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the SAG awards.  We talk about his work that we love, like, hate, or haven’t seen.  

Can You Ever Forgive Me? (1:35) ★★★★

Bumblebee (7:58)  ★★1/2

BlacKkKlansman (12:10) ★★★★

Widows (20:04) ★★★

Oscar Noms (23:12)

Grace & Frankie (37:06)

Actors’ Corner: Alan Alda (47:29)

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