Month: February 2019

Ep 38 – Too Perky

12-24-19Good movies to talk about this week….

First, Dhani finally saw Spider-man  Into the Spider-verse.  She really loved the animation and the story that brought all of the Spidey heroes together.  

Next, Dhani talks about watching, through tears, Ben Is Back.  She talks about how gut-wrenching it was, but also extremely well done.  

The last movie is a smaller one called A Kid Like Jake.  A good movie to watch that could lead to a good discussion.  

Moving on to TV, Dhani talks, in probably too much detail, about the docuseries Lorena on Amazon Prime.  She loved this series and appreciated that it is finally settling the truth to Lorena’s story and hopefully making people realize what they should have all along.  

Next, once again, John and Dhani discuss The Masked Singer.  We are down to the last show this week and they still don’t know who the Monster is!  We will find out this week!

Before moving on to the Actors’ Corner, John had to talk about watching Crazy Rich Asians again.  He loved it more the 2nd time around… and Dhani agrees because she has watched 30 times now.  

In the Actors’ Corner this week, we are examining the work of Meryl Streep.  Since the Oscars are this weekend, John chose her because of her numerous nominations and wins.  So we choose Ms. Streep’s films that we love, like, hate, haven’t seen and want to see.  

Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse  (2:41)  ★★★★1/2

Ben Is Back (10:52) ★★★★

A Kid Like Jake (21:48) ★★★

Lorena (27:23)

The Masked Singer (41:06)

Crazy Rich Asians (45:46)

Actors’ Corner: Meryl Streep (48:12)

Ep 37 – ChitChat

2-18-19This week we don’t have much new stories to talk about… so we revisit some old things we still enjoy watching.  Don’t worry, we manage to still fill the hour! 

First, John finally watched Searching, so they both discuss their thoughts and how important the presentation of the film helped the mystery of the story.  

Next, John wanted to talk a bit about Won’t You Be My Neighbor, even though he has only seen the last hour.  

Next, Dhani quickly runs down the movies that she is excited about which come out this year.  These include Captain Marvel, Us, Long Shot, Shazam, Avengers:Endgame, The Lion King, Toy Story 4, Spiderman:Far From Home, Hobbs & Shaw, Downton Abbey, Frozen 2, and finally Star Wars Ep 9.  Lots of movies to look forward to this year!

Moving on to TV, Dhani and John checked out the new show Miracle Workers.  Dhani really liked it and thought it was very clever and is excited to see how the show plays out.  John thought it was ok and will take it episode by episode.  

Next, Dhani and John are still into The Masked Singer.  So they talk about the show coming down into the final 5 contestants left.  Are they called contestants?  

Another favorite show that both Dhani and John watch is I’m Sorry.  They gush about this show and plead with everyone to please watch this show as it is the funniest show on TV.  

Finally, Dhani wanted to talk about Schitt’s Creek and how it continues to deliver every single episode.  It is always funny and Catherine O’Hara deserves all of the awards.  

Wrapping up things we watch together, we touch on Drunk History.  We especially talk about our favorite episode.  

Finally, in the Oscars’ Corner, we discuss the Best Picture winners of all time and put them into our categories of the movies we love, like, hate, secretly love and haven’t seen.  

Searching (1:47)

Won’t You Be My Neighbor (9:00)

2019 Movies Excited To See (12:44)

Miracle Workers (20:15)

The Masked Singer (22:03)

I’m Sorry (30:41)

Schitt’s Creek (35:56)

Drunk History (37:34)

Oscars’ Corner (41:35)

Ep 36 -I Snorted

2-9-19This was a slow viewing week for Dhani, but they still managed to fill an hour with babbling on.  

First, Dhani talks about the movie First Man.  This turned into a long discussion about movies including personal stories when it might not be needed.  

Next, John finally watched The House With The Clock In Its Walls, so he tells his point of view on this movie.  

Moving to TV, Dhani and John watched the Netflix Comedy special, Ray Romano: Right Here, Around The Corner.  They both didn’t exactly appreciate Ray Romano before watching this, but really enjoyed this special!

Then Dhani talks about a show on A&E called Many Sides of Jane.  A fascinating look into a young woman with Dis-associative Identity Disorder.  Definitely worth watching to learn the truth behind this disorder.  

Next, Dhani talks about the premiere of The Walking Dead and how amazing the start to the second half of the 9th season was!

Finally, to celebrate Valentine’s Day coming up this week, we replace our usual Actors’ Corner with Romantic Comedies.  Both Dhani and John love this genre and had a really tough time narrowing down rom-coms into the categories of movies we love, like, hate, secretly love, and haven’t seen.  

First Man (1:55) ★★★1/2

The House With The Clock In Its Walls (17:40)  Dhani ★★★1/2    John ★★★★

Ray Romano: Right Here, Around The Corner (21:55)

Many Sides of Jane (26:11)

The Walking Dead (37:11)

Rom-Com Corner (39:07)

Ep 35 – Quippy?

2-3-19This week’s episode seems to be filled with bleaker content… it wasn’t planned that way, but hang in there.  

First Dhani discusses the rom-com Nobody’s Fool.  She talks about how Tyler Perry always creates male characters that say the right thing and work for the women who watch.  🙂  

Next, Dhani talks about a documentary on Netflix called Abducted in Plain Sight.  This is tough subject matter, but it is quite a story that is a cautionary tale to all families.  

Moving on to TV, Dhani first talks about the new show I Am The Night based on the true story of Fauna Hodel’s autobiography.  It looks to be an interesting series directed by Patty Jenkins. 

The next show Dhani talks about is the live airing of RENT.  Or the almost live production.  Because this is her favorite musical, she was underwhelmed.  

The next show we discuss is the ending of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Dhani really enjoyed the way it ended and feels it is one of the funniest shows ever.  

Finally, Dhani watched a brand new show on Netflix called Russian Doll.  She appreciates the female team of creators, writers, and directors because she believes that made the lead character, Nadia, feel more real with her trauma and the insane situation she finds herself in.  

For the Actors’ Corner this week, we chose Whoopi Goldberg.  We discuss the movies of hers that we love, like, didn’t like, secretly love and haven’t seen.  

Nobody’s Fool (1:22) ★★★★

Abducted in Plain Sight (5:31) ★★★★

I Am The Night (17:30)

RENT Live (23:30)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (30:25)

Russian Doll (35:43)

Actors’ Corner: Whoopi Goldberg (42:46)