Ep 38 – Too Perky

12-24-19Good movies to talk about this week….

First, Dhani finally saw Spider-man  Into the Spider-verse.  She really loved the animation and the story that brought all of the Spidey heroes together.  

Next, Dhani talks about watching, through tears, Ben Is Back.  She talks about how gut-wrenching it was, but also extremely well done.  

The last movie is a smaller one called A Kid Like Jake.  A good movie to watch that could lead to a good discussion.  

Moving on to TV, Dhani talks, in probably too much detail, about the docuseries Lorena on Amazon Prime.  She loved this series and appreciated that it is finally settling the truth to Lorena’s story and hopefully making people realize what they should have all along.  

Next, once again, John and Dhani discuss The Masked Singer.  We are down to the last show this week and they still don’t know who the Monster is!  We will find out this week!

Before moving on to the Actors’ Corner, John had to talk about watching Crazy Rich Asians again.  He loved it more the 2nd time around… and Dhani agrees because she has watched 30 times now.  

In the Actors’ Corner this week, we are examining the work of Meryl Streep.  Since the Oscars are this weekend, John chose her because of her numerous nominations and wins.  So we choose Ms. Streep’s films that we love, like, hate, haven’t seen and want to see.  

Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse  (2:41)  ★★★★1/2

Ben Is Back (10:52) ★★★★

A Kid Like Jake (21:48) ★★★

Lorena (27:23)

The Masked Singer (41:06)

Crazy Rich Asians (45:46)

Actors’ Corner: Meryl Streep (48:12)

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