Ep 39 – We’re Back

3-10-19We are back after a week off, and Dhani has A LOT to talk about.  So she tries not to linger about anything for too long, but you know how these things go.  

First, Dhani explains why she isn’t talking about Captain Marvel this week, but it will definitely be on our next podcast.  

So the movies that Dhani discusses first are Second Act and Isn’t It Romantic.  Then she dives into the documentary of the week, Leaving Neverland.  Here Dhani and John do talk about their opinions of the situation, but mostly Dhani tries to talk about the documentary itself. 

Next, Dhani moves to TV and talks about the series that have ended, True Detective and I Am The Night.  Now John gets to join in as they both talk about the end of The Masked Singer.  Then Dhani talks about her being late to the show Ride with Norman Reedus.  She loves this show and will be revisiting the previous seasons.  

There was an announcement this week about the end of Arrow and Dhani had to talk about this as it makes her very sad.  

Then, Dhani needed to touch on a couple pop culture items.  First, Dhani wanted any Kevin Smith fans to be aware of his sharing behind the scenes videos from the shoot of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.  They are enjoyable and anyone who is a fan of his will appreciate it all.  And finally, Dhani discusses the loss of Luke Perry and what he and 90210 meant to her in high school.  RIP.  

This week in the Actors’ Corner John and Dhani discuss the work of Chris Pine.  They list the movies the love, like, hate, secretly love, and haven’t seen.  

Second Act (3:00) ★★★ 

Isn’t It Romantic (6:30) ★★★1/2

Leaving Neverland (10:59)

True Detective (23:27)

I Am The Night (26:40)

The Masked Singer (33:00)

Ride with Norman Reedus (37:23)

Arrow (42:01)

Kevin Smith (45:40)

Luke Perry (48:24)

Actors’ Corner: Chris Pine (53:17)

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