Ep 41 – That’s Life

3-31-19After an unexpected week off, we have LOTS to cover for these two weeks.  We try not to spend too much time on most of these things, but they still needed to be talked about.  

First off, Dhani saw Us and gives it 5 stars!  She explains as much as she can without spoiling the plot.  

Next, she talks about the Netflix movie The Highwaymen and how surprised she was that she really enjoyed it and was enthralled in the story.  Another Netflix film that both Dhani and John watched is The Dirt.  The movie about Motley Crue.  Neither really enjoyed it and thought there should have been more to the heart and soul of the movie.  

Moving to TV, Dhani talks about the latest episodes released of Arrested Development.  She has always liked the show and suggests people go back and watch from the beginning.  The next series Dhani discusses is Catastrophe and it’s 4th and final season on Amazon Prime.  She has loved every episode of this show and advises that most people will enjoy it if they haven’t watched it already.  

Next, Dhani and John watched the HBO documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood, the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.  Dhani liked the details of the podcast on the same topic called The Dropout better than this documentary… but they both agree it was well done and worth watching.  

The next series Dhani watched is The Disappearance of Maddie McCann.  This is a very involved docuseries on Netflix diving very deep into the circumstances of Maddie’s disappearance but also broadly into the child trafficking problems happening globally. 

Another show on Netflix that both Dhani and John watched was Amy Schumer’s standup special called Growing.  This is a new chapter in Amy’s life and she has handled the transition in a way which she is still hysterical and relatable.  

The newest show Dhani has watched is the 3rd season of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix.  This is one of her favorite shows in recent history.  The cast is wonderful, but the situation and writing is so funny that she gets joy from watching this show.  Highly recommended that everyone watch and enjoy!

Next, Dhani wanted to touch on some shows that are just starting.  The first being The Act on Hulu.  This is based on the Gypsy Rose Blanchard story and has been really good in the first 3 episodes.  Moving on to Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.  Dhani was a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and so far this show isn’t as good… but she’s sticking with it for the time being.  

Another show that Dhani really wants to like is Whiskey Cavalier.  She loves the cast and all of Bill Lawrence’s previous shows…. but the dynamic of the hard female with the charming male is tired to her and she’s not sure she can keep watching.  🙁

Finally, Dhani just wanted to make a public announcement that everyone needs to watch Season 15, episode 19 of Grey’s Anatomy.  This episode was important and something everyone needs to see, even if you have never watched any other episodes of this show. 

And in our Actors’ Corner this week, we chose Richard Dreyfuss.  Listen as we choose his films that we love, like, hate, secretly love, haven’t seen, and want to see.  

Us (1:30) ★★★★★  In Theatres Now

The Highwaymen (8:30) ★★★★   Netflix

The Dirt (15:20)  Dhani ★  John ★★    Netflix

Arrested Development (21:02)  Netflix

Catastrophe (22:23)   Amazon Prime

The Inventor: Out For Blood (24:25)   HBO

The Disappearance of Maddie McCann (29:22)   Netflix

Amy Schumer: Growing (33:13)  Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet (36:28)  Netflix

The Act (40:20)  Hulu

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (42:13)  FreeForm

Whiskey Cavalier (43:20)  ABC

Grey’s Anatomy (46:47 ) ABC 

Actors’ Corner: Richard Dreyfuss (48:35)

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