Ep 43 – Catching Up

5-4-19We are finally back to our old format… with Dhani talking about all of the things she has watched.  However, this week, she has to make up for the last 4 weeks of not producing a podcast, so she has a lot to cover!

First, she talks about On The Basis of Sex and the pure awesomeness of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Next, Dhani talks about the Netflix movies Someone Great and Unicorn Store.  While they were both about the process of growing up and change, she preferred the story of Someone Great more.  However both are enjoyable.  Moving on to a documentary of YouTubePremium called Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story.  Since Dhani is a superfan of *NSync, she really appreciated the insight gained from this behind the scenes doc.  And finally, both John and Dhani watched the Netflix documentary Knock Down the House.  This focuses on 4 women running for Congress in 2018 and following their grass roots campaigns. 

Moving on to TV, Dhani wanted to visit some shows that have ended that she highly recommends.  These are Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and You’re The Worst.  She was happy with the way both shows ended.  Then Dhani talks about the second season of Cobra Kai on YouTubePremium and how much she truly loves this show!  Being a fan of The Karate Kid, she is truly in heaven watching Johnny and Daniel battle again.  Next Dhani talks about the Hulu show The Act.  This is the story of DeeDee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard.  The show is good, but she recommends the documentary about this story first, called Mommy Dead and Dearest.  We next discuss a new Netflix show called Dead To Me with Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini.  They are so fantastic in this show and while it wasn’t what Dhani thought it was, she loved it and hopes for a second season.  

Finally Dhani felt the need to address the cancellation of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix.  She loved the show so much and just wanted to let people know that it is still worth checking out what’s streaming even though there won’t be anymore. 

In the Actors’ Studio we chose Drew Barrymore this week.  So we list the movies we love, like, hate, secretly love, haven’t seen and want to watch.  

On The Basis Of Sex (4:52)  ★★★★

Someone Great (11:57) ★★★★1/2  Netflix

Unicorn Store (16:37) ★★★  Netflix

Boy Band Con (22:00) ★★★★★  YouTubePremium

Knock Down The House (26:50) ★★★★★  Netflix

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (34:21)

You’re The Worst (35:44)

Cobra Kai (37:48)  YouTubePremium

The Act (40:46)  Hulu

Dead To Me (44:55)  Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet (48:17)   Netflix

Actors’ Corner – Drew Barrymore (50:35)

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