Ep 46 – You’re MC Skat Kat

6-2-19This week Dhani has a lot to talk about… I guess that’s not anything new for her.  

She dives in by seeing MA in theatres.  Octavia was wonderful, the movie wasn’t original.  

Next, Dhani and John watched Always Be My Maybe on Netflix.  They had differing opinions… shocker.  

Next Dhani watched Shazam!.  She really liked this movie more than she thought she would.  She explains why.  

Moving on to TV, Dhani talks about the Netflix show What/If.  Didn’t finish as strong as it started.  Then she talks about The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience by The Lonely Island on Netflix.  John joins in when they talk about Colin Quinn’s show Red State Blue State.  Then Dhani talks about Good Girls, Fosse/Verdon, and The Hot Zone.  

In the Actors’ Corner we discuss the films of Keanu Reeves. 

Ma (1:00) ★★★1/2  In Theatres Now 

Always Be My Maybe (6:34)  Dhani ★★★★1/2   John ★★★1/2   Netflix

Shazam! (16:54) ★★★★  On Demand

What/If (21:50)  Netflix

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience (26:36)  Netflix

Colin Quinn : Red State Blue State (28:55) CNN-On Demand

Good Girls (31:09) NBC

Fosse/Verdon (34:59) FX

The Hot Zone (40:26) National Geographic

Actors’ Corner: Keanu Reeves (43:58)

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