Ep 52 – Downton Abbey

9-22-19.jpgThis week Dhani and John saw Downton Abbey on opening day and they are so thrilled to share their love for the show and this movie!

Next Dhani talks about Between Two Ferns: The Movie (Netflix).  She enjoyed it, but had to watch in intervals.  

Another Netflix doc that Dhani watched was Hello, Privilege It’s Me Chelsea from Chelsea Handler.  This is a great documentary to watch that leads to alot of discussion and feels that everyone should watch and get real.

Moving to TV Dhani discusses the “reboot” of BH90210.  She wishes they had done an actual reboot of the original, but it taking what she can get and hopes they do more!  Next Dhani watched Criminal: UK (Netflix) and talks about the different iterations on Netflix and she hopes to watch them all.  Next, John joins in as they discuss the return of Ghost Hunters (A&E) and their thoughts on the new team Grant has put together.  And finally, they revisit Jane The Virgin and how John is still enjoying the show through the first season.  

In the Actors’ Corner, Dhani and John discuss Leonardo DiCaprio and the films of his they love, like, hate, secretly love, and haven’t seen.  

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