Month: October 2019

Ep 55 – I’m a Full Blown Adult

10-27-19We are back with lots of good new shows to discuss, but first, Dhani saw Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.  She didn’t enjoy it as much as the first one, and thought it was a bit too long, but didn’t think it was a total dud.  

Moving on to TV, Dhani first talks about the series Why Women Kill (CBS All Access).  She didn’t think this needed an entire season, but would have been enjoyable as a movie. 

Next, she and John talk about the show Modern Love (Amazon Prime).  She really enjoyed this show more than she thought she would.  She loves the message of the entire series and each episode being its own story was a nice change.  

The next show Dhani watched is Living With Yourself (Netflix) starring Paul Rudd.  This is a serious take on the concept previously seen in the movie Multiplicity.  It’s really well told and a great way to enjoy Paul Rudd.  

Next, Dhani wanted to touch on a few new shows that are back.  The first is the second season of The Purge (USA).  She really likes the way this season is going in that we are seeing the effects of The Purge throughout the following year.  It’s quite interesting and she can’t wait to see what happens to these new characters. 

The next show is Castle Rock (HULU) and in this second season we have an entirely new story that stars Lizzy Kaplan and Tim Robbins.  Lizzy is actually playing a young Annie Wilkes… Kathy Bates’ character fro Misery.  And she is doing a superb job.  Here we are seeing exactly what ails Annie and perhaps how she ends up being the person we know her to be in the future.  

Finally, Dhani and John watched It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown this week.  John hadn’t watched it in decades and Dhani wanted to hear his thoughts on it after all this time.  It’s a classic and takes us back to a simpler time.  

In the Actors’ Corner this week, Dhani and John discuss the work of Michael Douglas.  they name the movies they love, like, hate, secretly love, haven’t seen and want to watch.  

Ep 54 – Some Good and Some Not

10-20-19We are back with lots to cover!!

First, Dhani saw Zombieland Double Tap!  She was so excited to see this sequel and was not disappointed.  The next movie Dhani discusses is El Camino : A Breaking Bad Movie (Netflix).  This was exactly what she didn’t know she needed and thanks Vince Gilligan for making it.  

The next movie Dhani watched was In The Tall Grass (Netflix).  This is based on a Stephen King novella, but the movie did not live up to what she wanted.  Another movie failed to live up to her expectations is Fractured (Netflix).  

Moving on to TV Dhani wanted to talk about some more new shows that have started.  First, she talks about Almost Family (FOX).  She loves the cast and it started out well, but she is waiting to see if they can keep it interesting. 

Next, Dhani discusses Batwoman (CW).  Again, she likes the storyline, but is waiting for Ruby Rose to get used to her role on the show. 

The next show Dhani talks about is Nancy Drew (CW).  This is one of her favorite new shows this year and is recommending it to everyone! 

Even though Arrow (CW) isn’t a new show, because it is Dhani’s favorite and it is ending (sad), she wanted to talk about the show’s premiere and how wonderful it was.  

The next new show Dhani wanted to talk about is Limetown (Facebook Watch).  She loves this show!  So much mystery and Jessica Biel is fantastic.  

And finally, Dhani talks about The Politician (Netflix).  She is struggling to finish the series and isn’t sure of the point of it.  But she does think she will finish eventually.  

In the Actors’ Corner, John and Dhani discuss Cameron Diaz and her movies they love, like, hate, secretly love and haven’t seen.