Ep 56 – Way Too Long

11-10-19This week we ended up talking for a lot longer than we ever have!  

First, Dhani talks about Last Christmas.  Then she talks about the movie American Son (Netflix).  She stresses how important it is for everyone to watch!  Next is a documentary called Tell Me Who I Am (Netflix) which is a compelling story about twin brothers and what happens when one got amnesia at a young age.  

Moving to television, Dhani starts by discussing the second season of Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime).  She didn’t enjoy this season as much as the first, but hopes for a third nonetheless.  Next is The Kominsky Method (Netflix), which was the opposite… she liked this second season more than the first.  

Moving on to discuss the shows on Apple TV+.  First Dhani talks about For All Mankind… she has only watched the first episode and isn’t sure if she will continue to watch.  Next is Dickinson, which has a twist in the presentation of it and she hopes to finish the season.  Finally, she talks about The Morning Show and the 4 episodes that have come out so far.  Dhani has some major reservations about the show so far, but she is waiting to finish the season in hopes that they are ironed out.  

Next, both Dhani and John discuss the comedy special Lobby Baby by Seth Meyers (Netflix).  They both enjoyed this special so much!

The next show Dhani talks about is The Affair (Showtime) and the end of the show.  She learned to appreciate by the end of the series how different it was in the story it was telling.  

And finally, they both talk about the latest season of The Great British Bake Off (Netflix).  They love this show so much and enjoy every second of it.  They highly recommend to everyone, no matter if you don’t like baking or anything.  Looking forward to the next season!

In the Actors’ Corner, they decided to do something different this week.  Their “blind” spin to find an actor landed on 2 Fast 2Furious, which John had issues with any of the stars.  So we decided to go through the entire cast and discuss our favorite projects of each.  At least that’s what Dhani thought they were doing… John did something else.  🙂

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