Ep 83 – Thanksgiving

This week Dhani and John discuss all things Thanksgiving… well at least movies and TV episodes.

Thanksgiving Movies:

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (John and Dhani’s favorite)

Home for the Holidays

Tower Heist


Piece of April

The Oath


Favorite Thanksgiving TV episodes:


Dhani’s favorite – S6 E9 – The One Where Ross Got High

John’s favorite – S8 E9 – The One With the Rumor

New Girl – S1 E6 – Thanksgiving

Will & Grace – S4 E9 – Moveable Feast

How I Met Your Mother – S3 E9 – Slapsgiving

Mad About You – S3 E8 – Giblets for Murray

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – S1 E12 – Talking Turkey

Happy Endings – S3 E4 – More Like Stanksgiving

Cougar Town – S3 E13 – It’ll All Work Out

Modern Family – S3 E9 – Punkin Chunkin

WKRP in Cincinnati – Turkeys Away

Honorable Mentions:

Ally McBeal


This is Us


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