Ep 47 – Catching Up

7-28-19We have been on a break for 8 weeks!  We didn’t intend to be gone for so long, time just flies by when we are having fun!  🙂

So this week we take the time to discuss things that we watched during this break.  We cover alot in this hour, so hold on tight!

We discuss:


Murder Mystery


Toy Story 4

The Lion King

Long Shot

Spider-man: Far From Home

Wreck It Ralph

The Bold Type



The Society

Big Little Lies

Veronica Mars


Actors’ Corner: Seth Rogan

Ep 46 – You’re MC Skat Kat

6-2-19This week Dhani has a lot to talk about… I guess that’s not anything new for her.  

She dives in by seeing MA in theatres.  Octavia was wonderful, the movie wasn’t original.  

Next, Dhani and John watched Always Be My Maybe on Netflix.  They had differing opinions… shocker.  

Next Dhani watched Shazam!.  She really liked this movie more than she thought she would.  She explains why.  

Moving on to TV, Dhani talks about the Netflix show What/If.  Didn’t finish as strong as it started.  Then she talks about The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience by The Lonely Island on Netflix.  John joins in when they talk about Colin Quinn’s show Red State Blue State.  Then Dhani talks about Good Girls, Fosse/Verdon, and The Hot Zone.  

In the Actors’ Corner we discuss the films of Keanu Reeves. 

Ma (1:00) ★★★1/2  In Theatres Now 

Always Be My Maybe (6:34)  Dhani ★★★★1/2   John ★★★1/2   Netflix

Shazam! (16:54) ★★★★  On Demand

What/If (21:50)  Netflix

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience (26:36)  Netflix

Colin Quinn : Red State Blue State (28:55) CNN-On Demand

Good Girls (31:09) NBC

Fosse/Verdon (34:59) FX

The Hot Zone (40:26) National Geographic

Actors’ Corner: Keanu Reeves (43:58)

Ep 45 – Aladdin

5-26-19This week Dhani saw Aladdin and talks in detail about the things she liked about the movie, the changes they made, and how much she loved the original animated film.  

Then Dhani quickly talks about Wanda Sykes’ new standup special on Netflix called Not Normal.  

Then Dhani talks about the network show The Fix and her disappointment in the story.  Finally, she revels in the special Live in Front Of A Studio Audience and how she wishes it would become a regular event.  

Finally, John joins in the conversation for the Actors’ Corner where they discuss the work of Ryan Reynolds.  

Aladdin (1:39)

Wanda Sykes: Not Normal (19:36)

The Fix (20:57)

Live In Front Of A Studio Audience (23:59)

Actors Corner: Ryan Reynolds (29:52)

More Catching Up


This week we caught up on lots of shows.  

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile

Wine Country

Still Laugh-In

Season Finales of Arrow, The Flash, Riverdale

Series Finales of Veep and The Big Bang Theory

We discuss cancellations and new shows in the fall.  

Actors’ Corner: George Clooney


Ep 43 – Catching Up

5-4-19We are finally back to our old format… with Dhani talking about all of the things she has watched.  However, this week, she has to make up for the last 4 weeks of not producing a podcast, so she has a lot to cover!

First, she talks about On The Basis of Sex and the pure awesomeness of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Next, Dhani talks about the Netflix movies Someone Great and Unicorn Store.  While they were both about the process of growing up and change, she preferred the story of Someone Great more.  However both are enjoyable.  Moving on to a documentary of YouTubePremium called Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story.  Since Dhani is a superfan of *NSync, she really appreciated the insight gained from this behind the scenes doc.  And finally, both John and Dhani watched the Netflix documentary Knock Down the House.  This focuses on 4 women running for Congress in 2018 and following their grass roots campaigns. 

Moving on to TV, Dhani wanted to visit some shows that have ended that she highly recommends.  These are Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and You’re The Worst.  She was happy with the way both shows ended.  Then Dhani talks about the second season of Cobra Kai on YouTubePremium and how much she truly loves this show!  Being a fan of The Karate Kid, she is truly in heaven watching Johnny and Daniel battle again.  Next Dhani talks about the Hulu show The Act.  This is the story of DeeDee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard.  The show is good, but she recommends the documentary about this story first, called Mommy Dead and Dearest.  We next discuss a new Netflix show called Dead To Me with Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini.  They are so fantastic in this show and while it wasn’t what Dhani thought it was, she loved it and hopes for a second season.  

Finally Dhani felt the need to address the cancellation of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix.  She loved the show so much and just wanted to let people know that it is still worth checking out what’s streaming even though there won’t be anymore. 

In the Actors’ Studio we chose Drew Barrymore this week.  So we list the movies we love, like, hate, secretly love, haven’t seen and want to watch.  

On The Basis Of Sex (4:52)  ★★★★

Someone Great (11:57) ★★★★1/2  Netflix

Unicorn Store (16:37) ★★★  Netflix

Boy Band Con (22:00) ★★★★★  YouTubePremium

Knock Down The House (26:50) ★★★★★  Netflix

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (34:21)

You’re The Worst (35:44)

Cobra Kai (37:48)  YouTubePremium

The Act (40:46)  Hulu

Dead To Me (44:55)  Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet (48:17)   Netflix

Actors’ Corner – Drew Barrymore (50:35)




This week John and Dhani talk about Avengers: Endgame.  They speak about the movie in great details, spoiling the plot and all details of the film.  Only listen to this podcast if you have seen the movie, otherwise, wait until you have seen the movie and come back and listen.  

If you have seen the movie, and want to hear our opinions, please listen.  It is the only thing we discuss this week.  

At the end of the discussion, we break down the MCU and list the movies we love, like, hate, secretly love, and haven’t seen.  

We will be back next week with lots of TV and other movies to discuss.

Ep 41 – That’s Life

3-31-19After an unexpected week off, we have LOTS to cover for these two weeks.  We try not to spend too much time on most of these things, but they still needed to be talked about.  

First off, Dhani saw Us and gives it 5 stars!  She explains as much as she can without spoiling the plot.  

Next, she talks about the Netflix movie The Highwaymen and how surprised she was that she really enjoyed it and was enthralled in the story.  Another Netflix film that both Dhani and John watched is The Dirt.  The movie about Motley Crue.  Neither really enjoyed it and thought there should have been more to the heart and soul of the movie.  

Moving to TV, Dhani talks about the latest episodes released of Arrested Development.  She has always liked the show and suggests people go back and watch from the beginning.  The next series Dhani discusses is Catastrophe and it’s 4th and final season on Amazon Prime.  She has loved every episode of this show and advises that most people will enjoy it if they haven’t watched it already.  

Next, Dhani and John watched the HBO documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood, the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.  Dhani liked the details of the podcast on the same topic called The Dropout better than this documentary… but they both agree it was well done and worth watching.  

The next series Dhani watched is The Disappearance of Maddie McCann.  This is a very involved docuseries on Netflix diving very deep into the circumstances of Maddie’s disappearance but also broadly into the child trafficking problems happening globally. 

Another show on Netflix that both Dhani and John watched was Amy Schumer’s standup special called Growing.  This is a new chapter in Amy’s life and she has handled the transition in a way which she is still hysterical and relatable.  

The newest show Dhani has watched is the 3rd season of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix.  This is one of her favorite shows in recent history.  The cast is wonderful, but the situation and writing is so funny that she gets joy from watching this show.  Highly recommended that everyone watch and enjoy!

Next, Dhani wanted to touch on some shows that are just starting.  The first being The Act on Hulu.  This is based on the Gypsy Rose Blanchard story and has been really good in the first 3 episodes.  Moving on to Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.  Dhani was a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and so far this show isn’t as good… but she’s sticking with it for the time being.  

Another show that Dhani really wants to like is Whiskey Cavalier.  She loves the cast and all of Bill Lawrence’s previous shows…. but the dynamic of the hard female with the charming male is tired to her and she’s not sure she can keep watching.  🙁

Finally, Dhani just wanted to make a public announcement that everyone needs to watch Season 15, episode 19 of Grey’s Anatomy.  This episode was important and something everyone needs to see, even if you have never watched any other episodes of this show. 

And in our Actors’ Corner this week, we chose Richard Dreyfuss.  Listen as we choose his films that we love, like, hate, secretly love, haven’t seen, and want to see.  

Us (1:30) ★★★★★  In Theatres Now

The Highwaymen (8:30) ★★★★   Netflix

The Dirt (15:20)  Dhani ★  John ★★    Netflix

Arrested Development (21:02)  Netflix

Catastrophe (22:23)   Amazon Prime

The Inventor: Out For Blood (24:25)   HBO

The Disappearance of Maddie McCann (29:22)   Netflix

Amy Schumer: Growing (33:13)  Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet (36:28)  Netflix

The Act (40:20)  Hulu

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (42:13)  FreeForm

Whiskey Cavalier (43:20)  ABC

Grey’s Anatomy (46:47 ) ABC 

Actors’ Corner: Richard Dreyfuss (48:35)

Ep 40 – Next

3-17-19We first find Dhani and John admitting they are very tired as they record this week’s episode… but we march on as there is a lot to talk about this week.  

First, Dhani talks about Captain Marvel.  She tries not to give anything away but does discuss some themes that she enjoyed in the film.  

The next movie Dhani saw is The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.  She was very pleasantly surprised that this sequel was as clever and interesting as the first movie.  

The next movie Dhani saw was Holmes & Watson.  Even though this was so openly panned, she still wanted to give it a try… and while it was fun to watch the two stars, the overall story wasn’t good.  

And the last movie discussed is Mary Poppins Returns.  Just a reminder to everyone that it is out on Digital now and what a wonderful movie it is.  

Moving on to TV, Dhani talks about the Hulu show Shrill.  She really feel in love with the main character and advises people to watch the show without really being able to describe it.  

Next, both Dhani and John talk about the Netflix show After Life by Ricky Gervais.  They both loved this show so much that they use the word perfect to describe it.  

Next they revisit their love of the show I’m Sorry and beg TruTV to give it a 3rd season.  

Now Dhani talks about the shows and movies coming out in the next week that she hopes to watch before the next podcast.  

Finally, we move on to the Actors’ Corner and they chose Will Smith’s movies to cover.  They list his movies that they love, like, hate, secretly love, haven’t seen, and want to see.  

Captain Marvel (2:20)  ★★★★ 1/2

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (13:46) ★★★★

Holmes & Watson (16:18) ★★

Mary Poppins Returns (20:30)

Shrill (21:33)

After Life (26:10)

I’m Sorry (33:42)

This Week’s new TV shows and Movies (39:30)

Actors’ Corner: Will Smith (42:27)

Ep 39 – We’re Back

3-10-19We are back after a week off, and Dhani has A LOT to talk about.  So she tries not to linger about anything for too long, but you know how these things go.  

First, Dhani explains why she isn’t talking about Captain Marvel this week, but it will definitely be on our next podcast.  

So the movies that Dhani discusses first are Second Act and Isn’t It Romantic.  Then she dives into the documentary of the week, Leaving Neverland.  Here Dhani and John do talk about their opinions of the situation, but mostly Dhani tries to talk about the documentary itself. 

Next, Dhani moves to TV and talks about the series that have ended, True Detective and I Am The Night.  Now John gets to join in as they both talk about the end of The Masked Singer.  Then Dhani talks about her being late to the show Ride with Norman Reedus.  She loves this show and will be revisiting the previous seasons.  

There was an announcement this week about the end of Arrow and Dhani had to talk about this as it makes her very sad.  

Then, Dhani needed to touch on a couple pop culture items.  First, Dhani wanted any Kevin Smith fans to be aware of his sharing behind the scenes videos from the shoot of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.  They are enjoyable and anyone who is a fan of his will appreciate it all.  And finally, Dhani discusses the loss of Luke Perry and what he and 90210 meant to her in high school.  RIP.  

This week in the Actors’ Corner John and Dhani discuss the work of Chris Pine.  They list the movies the love, like, hate, secretly love, and haven’t seen.  

Second Act (3:00) ★★★ 

Isn’t It Romantic (6:30) ★★★1/2

Leaving Neverland (10:59)

True Detective (23:27)

I Am The Night (26:40)

The Masked Singer (33:00)

Ride with Norman Reedus (37:23)

Arrow (42:01)

Kevin Smith (45:40)

Luke Perry (48:24)

Actors’ Corner: Chris Pine (53:17)

Ep 38 – Too Perky

12-24-19Good movies to talk about this week….

First, Dhani finally saw Spider-man  Into the Spider-verse.  She really loved the animation and the story that brought all of the Spidey heroes together.  

Next, Dhani talks about watching, through tears, Ben Is Back.  She talks about how gut-wrenching it was, but also extremely well done.  

The last movie is a smaller one called A Kid Like Jake.  A good movie to watch that could lead to a good discussion.  

Moving on to TV, Dhani talks, in probably too much detail, about the docuseries Lorena on Amazon Prime.  She loved this series and appreciated that it is finally settling the truth to Lorena’s story and hopefully making people realize what they should have all along.  

Next, once again, John and Dhani discuss The Masked Singer.  We are down to the last show this week and they still don’t know who the Monster is!  We will find out this week!

Before moving on to the Actors’ Corner, John had to talk about watching Crazy Rich Asians again.  He loved it more the 2nd time around… and Dhani agrees because she has watched 30 times now.  

In the Actors’ Corner this week, we are examining the work of Meryl Streep.  Since the Oscars are this weekend, John chose her because of her numerous nominations and wins.  So we choose Ms. Streep’s films that we love, like, hate, haven’t seen and want to see.  

Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse  (2:41)  ★★★★1/2

Ben Is Back (10:52) ★★★★

A Kid Like Jake (21:48) ★★★

Lorena (27:23)

The Masked Singer (41:06)

Crazy Rich Asians (45:46)

Actors’ Corner: Meryl Streep (48:12)